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Arbitration Experience: Representative Cases

Professional career as a neutral arbitrator, as either sole, Co-Arbitrator, or Chair Arbitrator on international, construction, energy and commercial cases. Arbitration experience includes disputes concerning international cases, industrial facilities, oil and gas facilities, energy facilities, processing facilities, infrastructure construction projects, harbors, marinas, large mixed use facilities, multi-unit residential complexes, and multi-party owner-contractor-subcontractor disputes. Arbitrator experience in numerous other construction disputes including contract terms and conditions, change orders, delays, design defects, deficiencies, liquidated damages, warranties, guarantees, etc.

    • Selected Chair Arbitrator on Energy and Utility Arbitration with three-person panel regarding construction and installation of Gas Lines traversing several jurisdictions. Case involved complex construction issues, technical issues regarding installation and means and methods and E-Discovery. (Various Projects in excess of $100M).
    • Party Selected Arbitrator on International Energy Arbitration for dispute regarding Electric Utility company and construction and installation of gas related facility and appurtenant facilities. Multiple jurisdictions including Kazakhstan and United States. (Project range $300M).
    • Party Selected Chair Arbitrator for construction and installation of electrical related services and electronic systems for Government Building and Construction of Courthouse. (Project cost $350M).
    • Party Selected Arbitrator on International Arbitration for dispute regarding transfer of technology and manufacture of products with chemical compounds and raw materials, Joint Venture and the Development and Construction of new facilities. Dispute involved issues of breach of contract, shareholder agreement, licensing, transfer of technology, infringement, failure to meet specifications, accounting, letters of credit and shareholder contributions. Case involved multiple jurisdictions in Latin and South America including Brazil, and the United States. (Various projects up to $300M).
    • Party Selected Chair International Arbitrator on an International Arbitration with three person panel involving a shareholder dispute regarding the construction and development of a high end large scale resort-style development the Caribbean. Issues included shareholder issues, damages for delay, completion issues, construction of seawall, sale of assets, financing, and various holding companies and subsidiary companies in multiple jurisdictions. Case involved multiple legal jurisdictions including France, St. Marten, Holland, and United States. (Project in excess of $25M)
    • Selected International Arbitrator on three person panel for ICC International Arbitration of a dispute concerning the design, specifications, construction and performance of an industrial processing facility for petrochemicals. Case involved technical issues, performance issues, completion issues, damages issues, technology purchase agreement and multiple parties in various foreign jurisdictions including Mexico, Belgium and Germany. (Project in excess of $100M)
    • Party Selected International Arbitrator on three person panel for ICDR International Arbitration of international dispute concerning the financing and development of electrical systems to power large scale mining operations in Argentina and Chile. The case involved multiple jurisdictions including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and the United States. Governing law was Florida Law. Issues concerned valuation of compensations of services, financial valuations, accounting issues, delays, costs of delay, impacts to scheduling and owner interference. (Claims in excess of $20M)
    • Party Selected International Arbitrator on three person panel for CPR International Arbitration of an international commercial dispute involving licensing, technology, distribution, development, and joint venture. Issues concerned rights under licensing agreement, distribution agreement, payment obligations, letter of credit, and other financial guarantees and obligations. Jurisdictions involved Brazil and the United States. (Claims under $10M)
    • Chair Arbitrator on three person panel for energy and investor case involving dispute of commercial biofuel refinery. Dispute involved issues of assets, collateral and stock securing the transactions involved in the controversy as well as senior debt and line(s) of credit for the facility. Case involved multiple legal jurisdictions. (Project in excess of $100 M)
    • Party Selected Chair Arbitrator on three person panel for an Arbitration regarding a dispute over an agreement for the design, construction and performance of a facility built by contractor for a governmental related entity. Case involved contractor, supplier, governmental specifications, defects, deficiencies, changed conditions, delay, damages and performance. Case involved multiple jurisdictions. (project range $50 to $150M)
    • Arbitrator on three person panel for case between two multi-national contractors involving the marine and infrastructure improvements and a harbor in the Caribbean. The case involved issues of hydraulic dredging operations, changed conditions, equipment, labor, general conditions, delay damages, lost productivity, impacts, mobilization and demobilization, and inefficiency. Case involved work conditions and site related and equipment issues in the Caribbean. Jurisdictions involved included Norway and United States.
    • Arbitrator on three person panel for Arbitration concerning a joint venture and the construction of a major bridge between Maryland and Virginia. Case involved issues pertaining to phased construction, labor disruption, loss of productivity, extended conditions and equipment, back charges, mark-up, extended overhead, change proposals and delay damages. Other issues included transportation, tugs, barges, waterway transport, transportation schedules and shipyard operations.
    • Arbitrator on three person panel for case involving the design and vertical construction of a multi–level mixed-use, retail, residential and parking project. Case involved damage claims, phased construction, delay damages, liquidated damages, cost to complete, warranties, set offs, pass throughs,
      change orders, lost profits, time extensions, value engineering, liens, surety issues, financing, and bonding issues.
    • Party Selected Sole Chair Arbitrator concerning contractual breach between contractor and owner regarding the contraction of facility for owner.
    • Sole Arbitrator on arbitration concerning the construction relating to a Marina facility including dry dock and maintenance facilities. Case involved issues pertaining to change orders, substantial completion, cost of completion, delay, and set-off.
    • Arbitrator on three person panel for case involving large scale construction project of high rise structures and hundreds of residential units. Case involved owner, contractor and in excess of twenty (20) subcontractors, pass through claims, warranty claims, completion issues and damages.
    • Party Selected Arbitrator on industrial facility construction dispute between owner and general contractor regarding performance guarantees, warranties, delay claims, and subcontractor liability.
    • Sole Arbitrator on arbitration concerning a dispute between an owner and a contractor involving the construction of a retail facility with mixed use vertical construction.